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Planning to get married this year?

Planning to get married this year?

Top 5 Tips to find the perfect Engagement Ring

Jewellery is our way of celebrating life and the ones we love, and choosing an engagement ring should be a truly exciting and special experience. Our background and knowledge of diamonds and fine jewellery means we know just what it takes find the perfect ring. So let Aenea guide you with our flawless 5 Top Tips for buying an engagement ring…

1 Take a long, hard look

Before you find a ring that’s ‘the one’ start by looking at your ‘one’ - your beautiful partner. Her own style, hobbies and even her job could influence the ring you choose. Take a sneak peek at her wardrobe and most importantly her jewellery box to gauge her taste, and you’ll soon be clued up on her jewellery style.


2 That Metallic Taste

Next you should think the precious metals you’d like the ring to be made in. Platinum and gold are traditionally used for engagement rings as platinum is pure and strong, while gold is beautifully traditional and gives you option of three colours - yellow, white or rose. Rose gold is become popular for engagement rings, and we love the combining rose gold and platinum, as in our Sarpa Pink Sapphire ring.


AENEA Diamond Ring Selection  - Sarpa , Candy and Love Letters Collection 

3 If Diamonds are your Destiny…

There are four fundamental characteristics to know about diamonds, called ‘The Four Cs’. Together, The Four Cs determine the value and desirability of each precious diamond and therefore each engagement ring:

Traditionally diamonds are round, which is known as a brilliant cut, but can also be faceted into other shapes. Most often these are square (known as princess cut), pear-shaped, oval or emerald cut, like the one beautifully set into our Sarpa Diamond Ring.

The term used to describe how ‘clear’ your diamonds is. All diamonds contain tiny inclusions, except for those very, very rare stones recognised as ‘flawless’. Inclusions are natural and part of what makes each diamond unique. In a diamond of good clarity you should not be able to see them without a jewellers’ loupe.

Sarpa Collection - Ring Cushion Cut Diamond 5,06 ct F VS 1 


This relates to how ‘white’ your diamond is, and is measured on a letter scale from D to Z, with D being the top colour. Typically, engagement rings feature diamonds of D to G in colour, and here at Aenea we also work with beautiful ‘fancy colour’ diamonds, in hues of cognac and yellow.

They say size matters but when it comes to diamonds, it’s truly a personal choice! Carat actually refers to the weight of a diamond, but naturally the larger its carat weight, the bigger it will look. But don’t forget - whether large or small, the diamond you choose should be suited to your bride-to-be (and something she’ll love to show off!)

Candy Ring Ceylon Sapphire 7,03 ct

4 Or maybe a Gemstone for your Girl?

Modern engagement rings are becoming more adventurous, using coloured gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies instead of diamonds. Don’t be shy about choosing a coloured gemstone, especially if your partner is a little more daring with her jewellery. Some gemstones are better suited to engagement rings than others - pearls are beautiful but too delicate - while sapphires and rubies are perfect. Sapphires, like the Candy Ring Ceylon Sapphire 7,03 ct occur in myriad colours, from blue and pink, to green, purple and orange.

5 And now… Design

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the countless styles of engagement ring out there, from luxurious halo styles to those that are beautifully organic and flowing. Take a step back and think again about her stye. Is she classic and contemporary, like our Candy Diamond and Platinum Ring? Or does her jewellery tend to make a statement? We often find our clients ‘just know’ when they see the right style of ring for her, so trust your instincts too.


Here at AENEA’s Jewellery, we love hearing from partners wishing to propose and helping them on their exciting journey. So whether choosing a ring from our signature collection or using our bespoke design service, AENEA can create ‘the one’ for her.

Should you like to see an AENEA engagement ring in person - just get in touch for a private viewing with one of us!  or call  +43 662 840265.


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