Studio 4, Vienna

From 9th to the 11th of october 2014, AENEA opened it´s doors at the Operngasse 4 in the first district of Vienna, just oposite of the famous "Staatsoper".

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ART Salzburg

AENEA change it's "Travelling Atelier" into an ARTelier for 10 days.

From August 14th to August 24th AENEA presented marvellous pieces in the "Sala Terrena", dating back to 1629. 

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Cortiina Hotel, Munich

The perfect mixture, already seen at the The Travelling Atelier Salzburg, of eclectic jewellery, Thai food, Austrian white wine and rosé champagne, was the base for an evening within guests and a lot fo friends to celebrate the first "Travelling Atelier" in Germany. 

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