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10 pieces of jewellery to invest in

10 pieces of jewellery to invest in

Every woman has her classics - the little black dress, the perfect pair of high heels and a scarlet red lipstick. Together, they evoke confidence, and most importantly of all, they never go out of fashion.

But what about timeless jewellery? From Coco Chanel’s pearls to Tiffany’s sparkling diamonds, there are many pieces that we invest in, not only to complement our personal style, but as something precious that will last a lifetime.

 “Buying jewellery as an investment is both an art and a science,” says Costan Eghiazarian, CEO of AENEA Jewellery. “Our advice is simple: find pieces that you enjoy first, then if they increase in value, it is a bonus that will bring pleasure for many years to come. I have worked in the jewellery business for years and learnt how to buy rare diamonds, pearls, silver and gold from my father, a master goldsmith for more than 40 years. We scour the globe to find the finest jewels for our clients.”

With investment in mind, here are 10 must-have pieces of jewellery to wear now and treasure forever - an array of iconic, beautiful pieces that should remain valuable to you no matter the season, year or latest trends.

1 Rare and Beautiful Coloured Diamonds

Lazo & Bola Bangle Brown Diamonds 3.500 EUR; Candy Ring Brown Diamonds 24.000 EUR


Coloured diamonds will let you follow in the footsteps of well-known diamond experts such as Laurence Graff and Belgium’s Langerman Diamonds. It is reported that for every 100,000 white diamonds mined only one pink diamond will be found, making them an ideal mid to long-term investment for jewellery lovers. While pink, blue and rarest of all - red - are highly prized, we’ve also fallen for the allure of yellow diamonds and natural champagne and cognac diamonds.

Chosen well and to suit individual personalities and style, a coloured diamond will be as rare and unique as the lucky woman who wears it.


2 Dazzling Diamond Studs

Candy Earrings Brown Diamonds 24.000 EUR


Whether you wear them everyday or save them for special occasions, every woman deserves a pair of diamond studs. They are classic, in white gold and with four claws clasping the scintillating stones, or we use natural coloured diamonds that evoke contemporary glamour.

As the most coveted of all the gemstones, diamonds are renowned for their desirability. If you’re shopping for classic diamond studs, keep the colour and clarity in mind - ideally above a G colour and SI clarity. And if you are having a pair made especially for you, take the opportunity to choose your own diamonds by working closely with your jeweller - this is something we do at AENEA’s Atelier. After all, diamond studs are designed to be loved and worn time and again.

Diamonds never seem to go out of fashion. They make valuable heirlooms that can be passed down the generations. If you pick the right pieces, then a desirable piece today should hold its value in years to come.   

3 A Colourful Cocktail Ring 

Sarpa Ring Teal Tourmaline 25.000 EUR; Sarpa Ring Pink Sapphire; Price upon request 


The acclaimed jeweller Harry Winston said: “People will stare, make it worth their while”, and what better a way to attract admiring glances than with a statement cocktail ring? Fusing vibrant coloured gemstones with precious metals, a cocktail ring is not only an expression of glamour, but a piece of jewellery that will hold great memories. From the parties and celebrations its witnessed, to the stories behind the gemstones, every cocktail ring will be a special piece for the wearer - and something beautiful they can hand down to their family.

Remember to look out for limited edition pieces of jewellery. A limited edition will add to their scarcity value later on.  

4 Bangles…. With a Twist

Bangle Brown Diamonds 29.500 EUR; Lazo & Bola Bangle Blue Sapphire 3.500 EUR


Gold bangles have been worn for thousands of years. India is the home of traditional bangles, worn to celebrate weddings and births, and the Greek’s wore them high, wrapped on the arm. Today, bangles are collectable and stackable, made from many precious materials, whether jade, silver, gold or even platinum.

The most traditional and precious are hewn in gold, and are often given as gifts to celebrate a milestone in life. The round shape of a classic bangle represents the eternity of life, however contemporary versions are often open in their design, making them easier to wear. So why invest in a bangle? These timeless designs are the perfect pieces of jewellery for slipping onto your wrist each day. They can be as delicate or as bold as you wish, and they offer countless design interpretations. Here at AENEA, we like ours studded with precious coloured gemstones, making them both collectible and contemporary.

5 The Ever-Faithful Cross Pendant

Cross Pendant Diamond 8.000 EUR; Cross Pendant Ruby 9.200 EUR


The cross is an iconic design in fashion and jewellery - from Madonna’s playful styling in the ‘80s, to Dolce & Gabbana’s sumptuous runway reinterpretations. Importantly, the cross signifies faith, and that makes it a very important design in jewellery. Given a gift, a cross is timeless - it can be worn alone or stacked with other pendants to achieve a unique, personal aesthetic

6 Timeless and Elegant Pearls


Pearls are beautifully versatile, and choosing the right pearls can be a rewarding experience - especially if creating a piece of pearl jewellery that will not only last a lifetime, but retain its value. Pearls as investments should be carefully considered - large and rare pearls are the most valuable, and South Sea pearls the most coveted. It can take many years for larger pearls of more than 10mm in size to be perfectly matched for a necklace or bracelet, and this time - as much as the dedication that goes into the creation of pearl jewellery - also represents their value and precious status.

As we have seen with strings of pearls and pearl jewellery achieving high prices at auction, pieces that have been beautifully cared for or capture a certain era in jewellery can be worthy investments.

7 The Perfect Engagement Ring

Candy Ring Diamonds Eval 4,01 E/ VS2


According to history, the desire for diamond engagement rings is a fairly recent phenomenon - driven by De Beers in the 1930 and ‘40s with its renowned slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. Before this, engagement rings are believed to date back to the Roman times, when women wore rings around their fingers bearing tiny keys, representing their betrothal to a particular man. In the years since, engagement rings have been adorned with pearls, floral motifs and even enamel, yet their meaning has never changed. There have also been hugely famous rings, from the Taylor-Burton diamond, to the sapphire and diamond engagement ring given by Napoleon Bonaparte to his love Josephine, which sold for almost $1m in 2013 at auction.

Today, engagements are typically sealed with a diamond ring, offered as those precious words of proposal are spoken. Engagement rings will be special to each couple, no matter the size of the diamond, but they can also be valuable investments if good quality stones and a precious metal such as platinum - as used for AENEA’s Candy ring - are chosen.

8 Bold and Beautiful Hoop Earrings 

Sarpa Earrings Hoop Diamonds Gold 6.900 EUR


Beautifully framing the face, hoop earrings are an elegant classic that have been reworked in many styles, from plain gold to heart-shaped, diamond-encrusted and even - in the style of Carrie Bradshaw - bearing the name of the wearer.

But how can they be an investment? Like diamond studs, a beautiful, well-made pair of hoop earrings will last a lifetime. Here at Aenea, we like ours adorned with diamonds, not only for the added sparkle but intrinsic preciousness of the stones. Teamed with our weekend wardrobe they become understated yet elegant - dressed up, they dazzle from across the room, enchanting their admirers.

9 Gold Cufflinks - That She Can Wear, Too

Facette Cufflinks Black and White 2.700 EUR


How many pairs of cufflinks does the average man own? Too many to count, we’re sure. But why does a man need so many? For us, cufflinks should be a classic gift, something special to treasure. And, if she has the perfect white shirt, for the woman in his life to steal and wear in her own way - or at least in the style of Greta Garbo.

Often given as wedding gifts or to celebrate a milestone, cufflinks are a smaller jewellery investment, but if purchased in a precious metal such as gold, they will retain their value (not to mention their meaning) for many years. As we have seen, the price of gold has risen steadily for the past 20 years, and the metal has become a popular investment.

So how to wear your gold cufflinks? Our angular, trendsetting Facette diamond-set cufflinks are perfect for celebrating a wedding - with their diamond-inspired design, they're the gentleman’s equivalent of her sparkling engagement ring.

10 Captivating Chandelier Earrings

Flow Earrings Aquamarine 17.000 EUR; Stella Earrings Tahiti Pearls 6.800 EUR


Red carpets around the world dazzle with shoulder-dusting, attention-grabbing chandelier earrings. Chosen well, these statement jewellery box must-haves will remain timeless through the decades, while giving the wearer the perfect finishing touch for each occasion.

Set with coloured gemstones or a dusting of diamonds, chandelier earrings are a favourite of Jennifer Lopez, who is quoted to have said: “Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.” We can’t agree more, which is why Aenea has many captivating chandelier styles, from the cascades of stones that feature in our Flow collection, to the organic fluidity of our new Stella pearl earrings.

Contact AENEA’s team of designers and jewellery experts for advice, tips or guidance on choosing jewellery as an investment. Call us on +43 662 840265 or email:


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