AENEA´s Service

Jewellery is one of life’s pleasures,
and so we believe AENEA’s service
should be part of the pleasure.

Our approach,
as a small, family-run jeweller,
is personal.

Each customer is served
by one of our three people,
Costán, Birgit or Lidwine.

We help you directly in this way
to ensure that our service
is convenient, trustworthy and reliable.

We take a personal approach
also because in the beginning,
most of AENEA’s customers
were friends and acquaintances
who came to us knowing our workshop
and its international reputation for quality.

As we reach out around the world
to offer AENEA to a wider circle of jewellery lovers,
we continue to communicate directly
with each customer,
treating each as a friend.

When it comes to jewellery,
it’s not just artistry and quality that counts,
but choosing the right piece.
We help find the one item that best fits
a person’s tastes, lifestyle and hair and eye colour.

We can customize a design
using a different colour of stone or gold
or different type of stone.

We can even create a three-dimensional model
to consider before ordering a custom piece.

We can provide a private viewing in Austria
or in any city we visit with our Travelling Atelier.
Please check our Travelling Atelier and blog page
to see where AENEA will appear.

We stand behind all our jewellery
and guarantee it for a lifetime.
If there is any production defect,
we repair it for free.

If damage results from use or accident,
we will repair it for a moderate fee.

In handling online queries and orders,
the three of us use the same direct, personal approach
and expert guidance
as at our shop and traveling events.

You can order online risk-free.
Try a piece, and you can return it
for exchange or a refund,
excluding shipment fee.