Named for the Greek verb ‘to praise’, 
AENEA is a new jewellery house
devoted to the celebration of life and love.
AENEA offers works of rare value and appeal
created both to delight the cognoscenti
and to introduce discerning newcomers
to the lasting pleasures of great jewellery.

We believe that each of these intimate sculptural works
in precious metals and sparkling stones
has a unique power
to commemorate an occasion,
to honor a relationship,
or express strong feelings.

That is what we mean by “praise”,
and so we give AENEA our best.

AENEA collections explore
the most diverse epochs and cultures,
as we uncover humanity’s many emblems of love
and countless other images and symbols.

We seek out inspiration
in the ever-changing spectacle of modern life;
in the ideals of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome;
in the enlightening Orient;
and in the art of every era.