AENEA's shop is situated in a 15th-century goldsmiths building 
in venerable Goldgasse Street in the historic old town of Salzburg, Austria.

Here you can experience AENEA'S full range of offerings,
with expert consultation from a staff of fellow jewellery lovers.

Salzburg owes its fame to Mozart, yet it also long was known
as a center for jewellery-making, where German and Italian influences
met and intertwined.

This is the heritage that AENEA seeks to renew and extend.


@ Goldsmiths House
Goldgasse 15

Opening Hours:

Friday 11.00 am - 5 pm
Saturday 10.00 am - 1pm

For exclusive private viewings and bespoke services
please contact us to arrange an appointment. 

 + 43 662 84 02 65 
[email protected]