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AENEA’s people


The AENEA team is a success factor and drives the development of the still young jewellery company. It is characterized by a start-up mentality! Every single one of them sees him/herself as an entrepreneur, taking responsibility, driving change and willing to take risks.
Along with Costán A. Eghiazarian and Lidwine Clary und Aldringen, Eva Hierl is an essential pillar of AENEA's successful sales team.

Costan Eghiazarian

CEO Costan Eghiazarian
Costán A. Eghiazarian is the creative head, artist and designer. Due to his extensive craftsmanship and expertise in jewelry, from gemstones to precious metal processing, he is responsible for product development and the entire supply chain of AENEA. His open-mindedness and esprit also make him the company's first salesman. Whether a unique haute joaillerie piece or a pair of cufflinks in silver, Costán A. Eghiazarian loves being close to his customers. He is present at all international sales events and tries to spend as much time as possible with his customers, including in the AENEA Atelier in Salzburg.

Lidwine Clary und Aldringen

Worldwide known as "Winzi": International Relations Manager Lidwine Clary und Aldringen
Lidwine "Winzi" Clary and Aldringen is responsible for all of AENEA's International Relations. She establishes contacts with a selected clientele and ties them to AENEA. Her activities span the destinations of the international lifestyle, the Jeunesse dorée.
In her function she is a brand ambassador, top seller and client relationship manager. Besides that she also has an amazing feeling for ideas regarding the newest trends.
She is a multiplier for AENEA's jewellery and style and contributes significantly to increasing the brand's awareness and attractiveness, initiating and closing sales.
Lidwine Clary and Aldringen has an excellent network, not only internationally but also in Austria. She is distinguished by her talent in dealing with people, her personality and her great energy. She manages to build and strengthen real relationships. She is a significant link between the company, its clientele and the Friends of the Brand.

Eva Hierl

Eva Hierl makes a valuable contribution as the shop manager of the AENEA Atelier in Salzburg. She is a product specialist, a winning sales personality and a brand ambassador who is extremely organised, actively gets involved and enthusiastically supports the success of AENEA. She also supports the whole team on exhibitions and in the online store.