AENEA’s people

AENEA is independent and family-owned,
shaped by the beliefs of its people.
who share a deep commitment to professionalism.

They value their relationships
with fellow jewellery lovers
and enjoy sharing their knowledge
of this fascinating art.

AENEA is new, yet has roots
in the decades-long friendships
and old Salzburg family ties
among its three leaders,
all of them natives of the city.

'Everyone at AENEA feels
that jewellery truly enriches
the joys of life and love,
and we like working together
to help others discover this enjoyment.'

says Costan Eghiazarian,
AENEA’s founder & creative director.

Birgit Tomka
is a partner in AENEA.

Lidwine "Winzi" Clary und Aldringen
handles AENEA’s international activities.