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The Art of Quality

AENEA's approach to quality relies on both tradition and innovation.

The making of exceptional jewelry is an art that must be developed through long practice under a master goldsmith, who learned this way from a master before him.

Crafting the best jewelry requires quality control at every step, each time using microscopy. Each AENEA piece must pass 16 quality checks.

Two specialists separately examine it at each of seven different stages:
- Sourcing and composition of precious metals
- Sourcing of precious and semi-precious stones
- Construction of silver prototypes where necessary
- Burnishing
- Setting of stones
- Polishing
- Engraving

- Final inspection.

All of this comes down to one final commitment:

To be a bit better than all the rest. This claim is more easily stated than achieved,
yet we are confident we do achieve it.

This helps ensure that AENEA jewellery will increase in value over time
and always be enjoyed.