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Private Viewing, Cipriani, Hong Kong<br>03. & 04.04.16

Private Viewing, Cipriani, Hong Kong
03. & 04.04.16

Costán Eghiazarian, founder and creative director of AENEA Jewellery,  cordially invites to a private viewing of some of the most remarkable jewellery being created in Europe today.

AENEA will hold this special event on two days, Thursday, March 3rd and Friday, March 4th, at the Cipriani Tiziano Room, Old Bank of China Building.

AENEA is a stylish Salzburg-based jeweller bringing foremost quality and modern Austrian flair to savvy jewellery lovers around the world. Backed by a top workshop and the most expert sourcing of diamonds and gemstones, AENEA offers irresistibly wearable pieces as well as art jewellery for collectors. 

Mr. Eghiazarian will be on hand to present the AENEA collections, including many unique pieces with rare stones and to uphold the mission of the House to showcase fine European style in Hong Kong. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional event. 

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