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"Hitched", Los Angeles

AENEA is proud having been part of "HITCHED" 
Sunday November 9, at the City Club Los Angeles.

"Yet AENEA reveres not just love itself but sensibilities about love, 
which around the world today 
show a new spirit of freedom and individuality."

Stars of the show were: "Love Letters""Venus and Mars"...

AENEA was invited by Frontiers Media, who was proud to produce Hitched, the second annual Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Wedding Event, Sunday November 9, 2014 at the City Club Los Angeles. 

Like last year’s event, it was a fun-filled and informative afternoon of exhibitor booths and panel discussions painstakingly curated to provide the gays and lesbians of Southern California with all the essential information they need to navigate the largely uncharted waters of gay marriage.

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