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AENEA Atelier Opening, Salzburg

AENEA celebrates the opening of its first permanent store, situated in a 15th century goldsmiths building in the historic old town of Salzburg, Austria. To mark the debut, AENEA launches its premier “Candy Collection” of luxe creations featuring large, unique stones.

"We believe that the goldsmiths who built this shophouse 600 years ago would be delighted to see the beauty of today's best jewellery. AENEA's quest is to carry on the European and Austrian art of great jewellery for the sake of true connoisseurs in the new millennium. This is what the debut of our store and our new collection are about", Costan Eghiazarian, founder and creative director of AENEA Jewellery, said.


Situated in venerable Goldgasse Street, the AENEA Atelier at Goldsmiths House, Salzburg occupies an edifice built in the early 1400s that long served as a jeweller's workshop.

Famous as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg was home to goldsmith workshops since the 11th century or before, and later became an international center for jewellery-making, where German and Italian influences met and intermixed.

AENEA was begun just one year ago but has already attracted an international following for its high quality and captivating designs. Named for the Greek verb ‘to praise’, AENEA is devoted to the celebration of life and love through the lasting pleasures of great jewellery.

So far AENEA has been offered only by appointment and through its Travelling Atelier events in Europe and North America. Now the AENEA Atelier at Goldsmiths House, Salzburg will let customers experience the full range of AENEA's offerings in one place, with warm, knowledgeable service from a staff of fellow jewellery lovers.

"Jewellery is ultimately a social pleasure, so our store serves as a kind of lounge where we can get to know our customers better, share our knowledge with them, and learn what they like. AENEA is independent and family-owned, so personal relationships matter a lot to us".

AENEA is new, but is backed by veteran makers of high-end jewellery with a major workshop and large gemstone sourcing operation, providing jewellery of exceptionally high quality for investment, gifting and enjoyment. 

AENEA is led by its young founder and creative director, Costan Eghiazarian, an entrepreneur born in Salzburg who has long been involved in fine jewellery.

The AENEA Atelier at Goldsmiths House, Salzburg is located at 15 Goldgasse Street.

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