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AENEA hatches tasty Easter gems

AENEA hatches tasty Easter gems

AENEA hatches tasty Easter gems

In the past week, Salzburg has been transformed with springtime sunshine and blossom that drifts gently from the branches, colouring the streets in hues of pastel pink and white.

These same pastel tones are wonderfully reminiscent of Easter and the sense of ‘newness’ that it brings. For AENEA founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian, pastels have been the perfect choice for a special collection of fine jewellery created to mark the arrival of Easter.

The Easter charm necklace evokes the tradition of giving Easter eggs to loved ones. For AENEA however, a chocolate egg just isn't enough. Studded with pastel blue, pink, purple and yellow sapphires, these clip-on gold charms feature intriguing Easter designs, from the cute chicks with pointed beaks and diamond eyes, to the ‘cracked’ egg set with sapphires and garnets.

A closer look at AENEA’s cracked egg charm reveals something hidden inside; gently teased apart, the egg houses a tiny white gold chick, a pretty little addition that will surprise and delight.

“Easter is a great time to celebrate all that is new and hopeful for the year ahead, and creating the Egg charms captures AENEA’s playful, precious yet meaningful approach to design,” Costan explains. “While the ‘cracked’ egg reveals a little golden chick, the World Egg charm celebrates the beauty of this planet, and that we are here to look it — and one another.”


Also presented as cufflinks, the World Egg charm outlines the shapes of the seven continents with a sea of sapphire gemstones. Crafted in polished 18ct white gold, these smart cufflinks rotate to allow the wearer to view the world in full from their wrist.

Of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without reference to its Christian origins, and for this AENEA has created its Cross collection of pendants as a simple, precious tribute. “The cross is hugely symbolic of Easter, but also of human strength and faith, no matter your beliefs,” says Costan.


Set with princess and baguette-cut gemstones, including citrines, rubies and diamonds, the pendants can be worn alone or layered with other charms, letting the wearer carry them close, wherever life may lead them.

Next week: Discover AENEA’s new additions to the celebrated Sarpa collection.

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