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AENEA’s Top 10 Tips for Salzburg Festival 2018

AENEA’s Top 10 Tips for Salzburg Festival 2018

Each July, the city of Salzburg comes to life with visitors from around the world, here for the annual Salzburg Festival - a celebration of opera, drama and classical music with almost 200 performances across 14 of the city’s prestigious venues.

With the city at its most vibrant, the team at AENEA look forward to sharing some their favourite places to visit, eat and shop in Salzburg, and will be celebrating with a special Salon event — which you can find out more about below. Read on for AENEA’s Top 10 Tips for the Salzburg Festival.

1. Restaurant K+K 

Run by the wonderful Claudia and Norbert Koller, K+K is a beautiful inn, accompanied by a traditional Austrian restaurant. The building has remained largely unchanged, preserved over many centuries and first written about in the 1100s. “Established in 1974, the K+K restaurant serves Austrian delicacies with regional and seasonal ingredients that follow the changing seasons,” says Birgit Tomka, partner at AENEA. “And of course, it has charming Austrian hospitality where you can eat, drink and enjoy your evening unhurried.”

2. Grüll Kaviar

The very first caviar producer in Austria, Grüll has been operating since 1993, becoming world-famous for its sturgeon caviar; it is one of only 30 producers worldwide. “They have a great bistro next door to the Grüll shop, where visitors to Salzburg can enjoy a fabulous lunch,” says Birgit. Run by Walter & Uschi Grüll, its dishes include wild garlic catfish sausages, fish salads and tuna served with chips.

3. Sacher Bar

Housed within the world-famous Sacher Hotel and nicknamed the Red Salon, the Sacher Bar is a timeless and handsome spot in Salzburg, where cosy, warmly-lit surrounds encourage conversation long into the night. “I adore the Sacher Bar for its elegance and wondrous cocktails,” says Lidwine ‘Winzi’ Clary und Aldringen, International Relations Manager at AENEA. “Having chosen my favourite drink, sitting on the terrace and watching passers-by is one of my favourite things to do during the Festival.” And as an extra-special treat, visitors should take home one of the Hotel’s famed Sacher Torte - said to be the city’s original and best.


The perfect restaurant for lunch outside, Stasserwirt is one of Winzi’s top tips for those visiting Salzburg Festival. “The restaurant works to the mantra of: True, Honest, Fresh, Regional - four words that describe its cuisine,” she says. Expect to find mains such as Wiener Schnitzel, pike and perch fish and dumplings, followed by delicious puddings crafted with apricots.

5. Feinerlei Salzburg

This beautiful concept store should be top of the list for anyone new to Salzburg. A one-stop-shop for gifts, ceramics, tableware and women’s accessories, it’s a vibrant boutique with pieces carefully curated by its three owners - Claudia Wonnebauer-Renzl, Christina Renzl and Victoria Leskovar. “The boutique itself is just two years old, but Claudia, Christina and Victoria have created a wonderful shop, where they have hand-chosen everything they sell to make everyday life a little more beautiful,” Winzi explains.

6. Hotel Goldener Hirsch

Chosen by AENEA founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian, the Hotel Goldener Hirsch is one of the city’s Five Star hotels, situated in the centre of Salzburg and just a stone’s throw from the famous Salzburg Festival Hall. “I adore its country house style, with bold bedrooms filled with rich textiles and traditional wooden furniture, and a restaurant that has been serving delicious food to visitors since the 1400s,” Costan says. “The hotel is renowned for its Golden Keys, which guests are handed upon arrival. And don’t forget to ask the chief concierge Thomas Klingsbigl for his secret tips to Salzburg, too!”

7. DomQuartier Salzburg

Once home to the city’s archbishops, this breathtaking space was opened to the public just three years ago, giving visitors and Salzburg’s own city-dwellers a chance to see over 400 years of history. Cover 5,000sqm and with 2,000 stunning exhibits, the DomQuartier consists of a palace and cathedral, created under the leadership of Prince Archbishop Guidobald von Thun, one of the most important builders of baroque Salzburg. “The new DomQuartier provides new and wonderful views across the city and the surrounding mountains, giving a glimpse of power, art history and architecture of Salzburg,” Costan explains.

8. Art Salon Salzburg

“Running alongside the Salzburg Festival, this summer’s Kunstsalon is the perfect place to discover Austrian artists, many of whom are friends of AENEA,” says Costan. This showcase of art takes place at the Paris-London University of Salzburg, with gallerists from across the world joining forces to showcase complementary works from the best artists they represent. On show will be works, sculpture and antiques from Austria’s Beck & Eggeling, Gallery Johannes Faber, Gallery Konzett, Gallery Ruberl, Thomas Salis and Wienerroither & Kohlbacher.

9. Galerie Ropac

Having recently opened an outpost in London, any visitor to Salzburg is recommended to visit the contemporary Galerie Ropac, which boasts venues across the city. “Now more than 30 years old, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac supports and showcases the careers of some of the most influential artists today,” Costan says. “I’m excited to see this summer’s show, which includes Jules de Balincourt, a French-born Brooklyn-based artist whose vibrant works explore social and political themes.”

10. AENEA Festspiel Salon

Of course, any visitor to Salzburg Festival should be sure to visit AENEA’s special Festspiel Salon - or Festival Salon. AENEA will be opening its doors to friends, guests and clients during the Festival. “Our first-floor showroom on the city’s prestigious Goldgasse Street is the perfect place to step out of the crowds and find a moment of calm,” says Birgit. “We will be serving coffee, with space for visitors to read our favourite design and architecture books, or discover our dazzling jewellery in person.”


For more secret tips for things to do, eat and drink in Salzburg, contact the AENEA Atelier -

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