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AENEA’s Traveling Atelier takes jewels to Jakarta

AENEA’s Traveling Atelier takes jewels to Jakarta

AENEA’s Traveling Atelier takes jewels to Jakarta

AENEA’s exclusive Traveling Atelier is making its first summer stop this month, in the alluring Indonesian city of Jakarta.

Famed for its clash of cultures, array of languages and being home to millions of people from around the world, Jakarta is a truly cosmopolitan capital city. In May, temperatures sit at a warm 26 degrees, making it the perfect time of year to become immersed in the city’s sights, sounds, flavours and fashions.

AENEA founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian arrives in Jakarta this week, marking the first stop in a six-city tour with the dazzling Traveling Atelier. Partnering with Kraton, the understated, luxury fashion label inspired by Indonesia, AENEA will host an exclusive showcase of fine jewellery and fashion for the city’s most discerning residents.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Kraton for our first Traveling Atelier in Indonesia,” Costan explains. “Jakarta is a vibrant and energetic city, yet among the noise, quiet moments of beauty can be found, which is why Kraton is the perfect brand to partner with this week.” 

Founded in New York in 2008, Kraton is a luxury fashion label with a minimal aesthetic. Designed by Jakarta-born designer Auguste Soesastro, the brand focuses on producing limited-edition high fashion designs as an antidote to fussy, mass-produced luxury goods.

“Kraton - meaning ‘palace’ - is deeply influenced by the legacy of Indonesian nobility, a rich and refined elegance manifested within everyday life,” Auguste explains.

Like many of AENEA’s fine and high jewellery pieces, each Kraton design is crafted in limited numbers. The brand also promotes local cultures through its use of regional Indonesian textiles and organic cotton. 


“Auguste’s attention to detail when sourcing materials is a fitting complement to AENEA’s own approach, with gemstones and diamonds hand-picked by myself and the AENEA team, and each fine jewellery piece revealing the story of AENEA’s Austrian heritage,” Costan explains.

Further, Auguste has previously adorned some of his clients’ bespoke creations with vintage Javanese jewellery crafted in silver and diamonds.

“We look forward to showcasing our scintillating creations at this exclusive event alongside Kraton,” Costan says. ‘From Jakarta, AENEA travels onwards to Hong Kong, Munich, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur and Bahrain for the rest of our Travelling Atelier Tour.”

To find out more about AENEA’s Traveling Atelier contact and check our next stops: 

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