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AENEA's Best 10 Jewellery Gifts for Christmas

AENEA's Best 10 Jewellery Gifts for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas shopping, sometimes you need a helping hand to choose the perfect present.

If you have jewellery in mind, let AENEA’s guide to the 10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Christmas help you, whether a little stocking filler or a dazzling diamond ring, cufflinks for the trendsetting gent or a captivating pearl creation. Read on to discover our top jewellery gifts for 2016.

Earrings Hoop Diamonds 6.900 EUR
Love Letters Earrings 6.800 EUR
Sarpa Earrings Palladium 2490 EUR

1. Glittering Hoops

Everyone woman should own a pair of hoop earrings — even better when they are adorned with diamonds. Like a good pair of jeans, hoop earrings never go out of style. They give an outfit an air of confidence, framing the face with the most subtle of sparkle. Choose a large, fine hoop such as AENEA’s serpentine Sarpa hoops, or opt for a design that sits closer to the ear - making them perfect for every day - such as the Love Letter hoops. Beautifully intricate, these hoops spell the word ‘love’ - a sweet, almost secret message for your loved-one.

Candy Necklace Sapphires & Diamonds 7.500 EUR

2. The Gemstone Necklace

A gemstone necklace is the most generous of gifts. A piece to treasure and wear when the occasion demands dramatic jewellery, pick a sweeping chain punctuated with colourful gemstones and pearls. AENEA’s Stella and Candy collections feature playful combinations of gemstones that sparkle among strands of white gold. Necklaces also make an ideal Christmas gift as they are designed to fit all women, leaving you with no worries of choosing the right size!

Waves Ring Palladium 3.900 EUR    Ring Mars 1.490 EUR      
Quadrifoglio Ring White Diamonds 2.800 EUR

3. A Promise Ring

Sometimes you want a ring that says ‘I care’, so let a Promise ring say those words this Christmas. Maybe it is a gift for your sister, best friend or loved one - no matter who is receiving your promise, AENEA can guide you in selecting the right ring for their style and taste. A lover? Choose a ring each from the Jewellery for Lovers collection. Sister or best friend? How about AENEA’s white gold Wave ring to represent the times you have had together? Or choose the lucky Quadrifoglio ring as a token to wish the luck in the year ahead.

Bang Bang Cufflinks 1.800 EUR

4. Shirt Studs and Cufflinks

A good pair of cufflinks will finish at outfit. A great pair will ensure you and your style won’t be forgotten! AENEA’s precious gifts for the gentlemen in your life include creative cufflinks and daring shirt studs. With an arsenal of armoury waiting to finish the most stylish of suits, the Bang, Bang cufflinks are miniature revolvers that even click open like their real-life inspiration. Shirt studs are also part of our gift guide this Christmas, with gold and silver studs inspired by targets.

Earrings Grey Tahiti Pearls 3.200 EUR       
Ring Tahiti Pearls 4.200 EUR 

5. Contemporary Pearls

This winter we’re smitten with the shimmer Tahitian pearls. With their peacock lustre and silver to deep grey hues, Tahitian pearls are the contemporary counterpart to their classic white pearl cousins. Launched earlier in 2016, AENEA’s Stella collection brims with pearl designs, from eye-catching chandelier earrings to diamond-tipped cocktail rings. Choose the Blue and Grey pearl necklace for a striking string of pearls to wear myriad ways, or snap up the Stella earrings for the colourful character in your life.

Twinkle Bangle Palladium 6.800 EUR
 Ivory Bangle Blue Tanzanite 5.000 EUR
Twinkle Bangle Pink Gold 5.800 EUR

6. The Statement Cuff

The statement cuff is a Christmas present to impress; teamed with a little black dress or tailored jacket, it evokes confidence, and Wonder Woman connotations of power. With their openwork, starry design, the Twinkle cuffs by AENEA are a fresh addition to our fine jewellery collection, presented in on-trend rose gold and cool palladium. With a deep history to it, the Tanzanite-set ivory bangle has been carved from ancient mammoth tusk, recovered from the earth and lovingly hewn into a contemporary cuff.

Ring Sapphire 12.000 EUR  & Ring Citrin 2.600 EUR
 Ring Marquis Emerald  12.400 EUR
Ring "Pigeon Blood" Ruby - price on request
 Ring Green Tourmaline 2.900 EUR

7. Captivating Cocktail Rings

With New Year celebrations, fireworks and fizz to mark the end of 2016, make sure her finger is decorated with something delightful as she sips at her drink. A colourful gemstone ring will make its mark, embracing the finger with rich tones of aquamarine, emerald, amethyst and spinel. Among AENEA’s Candy collection are halo rings that surround vibrant oval gemstones. The Web collection boasts a rainbow of gems, glittering across the dual-tone gold Web ring. And want to make your admirers green with envy this Christmas? The emerald Quadrifolglio ring will win plenty of double takes, with a four-leaf clover design adorned with diamonds. 

Charm Pendants from 480 EUR

8. Truly Charming

Sometimes the smallest tokens of love are the most treasured. AENEA’s diamond-set charms include the wise elephant - a captivating charm for those who are working hard to fulfil their dreams. The heart, of course, is a classic symbol of love, and will be a special sentiment for any recipient. And with wintry skies overhead, who can resist AENEA’s diamond star charm? A twinkling trinket that will light up the day for someone special.

City Rings Moskau, Venice, London & More 6.500 EUR

9 Celebrate Your City

Seeking a gift for the cosmopolitan, globe-trotting, creative jewellery lover? Look no further than AENEA’s precious and unique collection of City rings. Already profiled by leading jewellery retailer Jewelstreet, the rings pay homage to iconic cities across Europe. The romance of Paris and decorative architecture of Venice are captured in precious gold, while Moscow’s colourful, domed churches are celebrated in enamel, alongside London’s daring architecture. All that’s left is to pick their favourite City Ring destination!

AENEA Diamond Rings....

10 A Christmas Engagement

No Christmas is complete without the news of a very happy engagement. If you want to pop the question this Christmas, let AENEA’s atelier guide you through the creation of the perfect diamond ring for your sweetheart. Specialising in bright, white diamonds set in pure platinum, our collection of engagement rings is creative, modern and luxurious. Go classic with a halo design from the Love Letters collection, or dare to be different with our statement rose cut Sarpa diamond ring, adorned with a swirling, organic diamond-set band. Need some tips for choosing the right ring?

Read our 10 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring!

For more advice on choosing jewellery for Christmas or to work on a bespoke piece contact the team at or shop online on  and get 15% Discount on your very first purchase. Sign up for our Newsletter and get your Discount Code! 

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