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Brilliant Jewellery Bloggers - The 10 Jewellery Writers You Need to Know

Brilliant Jewellery Bloggers - The 10 Jewellery Writers You Need to Know

Jewellery. What’s not to love? With countless influences, hundreds of gemstones to play with and designers’ imaginations that are wild, dreamy and provocative, there is never a dull moment in our sparkling world. But to stay up to date with everything that is taking place in jewellery - from the latest in jewellery trends, to new shops, global jewellery shows and the stories that inspire collections? That’s where the world’s leading jewellery bloggers come in. AENEA has carefully selected 10 brilliant jewellery bloggers you need to know. Read on to discover our favourite jewellery writers for yourself...

The Jewellery Editor

Reaching more than 2.8 million readers a month, The Jewellery Editor presents itself as an online magazine dedicated to jewellery - covering independent designers and fine jewellery houses, auctions, rare pieces, gemstone trends and luxury watches. Led by jewellery editor Maria Doulton, she and her team of 11 journalists work from their base in London, covering jewellery show across the world and unearthing the freshest in jewellery design talent. The site is known for its exceptional insight into jewellery houses, with 20 stories and fresh video content dedicated to jewellery each week.

Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele is the one-woman powerhouse behind Gem Gossip. One of America’s leading jewellery blogs, she covers an array of modern and antique jewellery, and has established a dedicated following through her honest insight into her own love of jewellery and her dazzling personal collection. Visiting jewellers all over the US, she is embarking on a #JewelleryRoadTrip, reviewing stores as she goes. Danielle has also created her own hashtag #ShowMeYourRings - encouraging her Instagram followers to share their own fistfuls of rings, that she in turn showcases on her site.

The Adventurine

Finally launching as a full-time jewellery website this year, The Adventurine’s Marion Fasel has more than 25 year’s background in jewellery, writing for America’s InStyle magazine for many years, and penning several books about jewellery, including a trilogy about Bulgari and an ultimate guide to wedding jewellery. Her site is truly topical, with features ranging from the best jewellery worn at the Rio Olympics, to sneak peeks of jewellery featured in new Hollywood movies and the latest global jewellery store openings. Along with harbouring everything there is to know about jewellery, Marion is writing is wonderfully witty.

Katerina Perez

Katerina Perez has established a global following for her eponymous jewellery blog, which she runs from her home in London. With her Russian roots and fluent French, she regularly embarks on jewellery discoveries, zipping from Vegas to Paris, Basel to St Petersburg, providing her readers with fresh and in-depth coverage of fine jewellery houses. With a gemmology qualification, Katerina is also well-versed in gemstones, and large coloured gems dominate many of her posts. Keep an eye on her Instagram too for original shots of new collections and her own video content.


If the world’s fine jewellery blogs had a naughty little sister, Adornmentality is it, offering cheeky and offbeat insight into the world of all things precious. Barbara Palumbo, the writer and brilliant personality behind the site, isn't afraid to speak openly and honestly about the jewellery, designs and people she has met through her writing, with fantastic personal stories that no doubt have her readers both laughing and crying. On Instagram, Barbara has created several mini-series of posts, including #50DesignersofJewelry, showcasing the people behind many of the world’s great jewellery companies.

Margo Raffaelli and Liza Urla of Gemologue

Described as ‘Your Personal Guide to the Best of Jewelry’, Margo is a Moscow-based jewellery writer covering trends, themes and the latest fine jewellery collections. Checking in to various global locations as she writes, her passion for bold coloured gemstones is clear. She regularly shares the stories behind the pieces she meets, while her Instagram account glitters with myriad gemstones, many the size of gobstoppers.


With her Brazilian and Russian heritage, blogger Liza Urla brings unmistakable passion to her jewellery blog, positioning niche designers side-by-side with leading jewellery houses. Very much the face of her blog, she is known for dressing up in vibrant gowns with jewellery to match. Travelling regularly, you will find Liza sharing ‘Get the Look’ posts, street style and interviewing leading women in the jewellery industry. She is also known for turning heads at Europe’s Fashion Weeks and global jewellery events wearing jewelled creations, including a Russian Kokoshnik- inspired pearl headdress, as worn at Couture and JCK Las Vegas earlier this summer.

Diamonds in the Library

The aptly-named Becky Stone is the blogger behind Diamonds in the Library, a site dedicated to all things bejewelled and literary. By Merging her two favourite things, Becky has created a globally- recognised blog, with book reviews alongside her more prominent jewellery reviews. She breaks her blog posts down into profiles of jewellery designers and jewellery stores, as well as jewellery events and shows she visits around the world. The best thing? Becky makes reading her posts and discovering jewellery so much simpler through her ‘Index of Pretty Shiny Things’ - quite simply, an index of her posts based on jewellery type, theme, and even which era the pieces are from.

In Detail

With the strapline ‘Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story’, In Detail is the hip girl’s guide to jewellery. Founded by London-based Beanie Major, In Detail is a beautifully curated blog dedicated to contemporary jewellery design, with bespoke imagery and a trend-led eye on new collections and designers. Beanie regularly goes behind-the-scenes with with designers, telling their stories through interviews, striking images or by delving into their personal jewellery boxes. In Detail is also a space for Beanie to share her favourite trends, advice on buying precious pieces, and fellow jewellery insiders to follow.

Jewels du Jour

Natalie Bos Betteridge is the writer behind Jewels du Jour - dubbed ‘Your Daily Dose of Jewelry’. Covering jewellery books, auctions, high and fine jewellery collections and the most dazzling red carpet creations, Natalie keep readers up to date with her insightful and accessible writing style. With a particular interest in diamond jewellery, her posts regularly profile her Jewellery Obsessions - luxury, one-of-a-kind creations - outstanding Estate jewellery, and must-see jewellery exhibitions.

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