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Floral Brooches: Forever in Bloom

Floral Brooches: Forever in Bloom

At AENEA, we’re enamoured with brooches. Having long-admired their versatility and timelessness, we have put pencil to sketchbook and set gemstones into gold to create an array of outstanding brooches, each with their own story.

“The brooch is such an elegant, feminine way to complete an outfit,” explains AENEA creative director Costan Eghiazarian. “Yet they can be highly expressive and eye-catching — we expect them to be popular as we move into the colder months and wrap up in coats and scarves, but still want some scintillating sparkle on show.”

Quadrifoglio Brooch Diamonds and Emeralds   Price upon request

Pinned to lapels, collars or decorating the shoulder, brooches made their mark across the runways in 2017, with some of our favourite fashion labels exploring floral motifs in their brooch designs.

“Seen out of context—say halfway down a tweed coat—and removed from their traditional suited-ladies-who-lunch context, flower pins looked youthful and playful rather than mumsy,” writes Laird Borrelli-Persson, archive editor at, on the subject of floral brooches.

Complementing the striking Clover brooch that glitters with more than 6cts of emeralds, our master goldsmiths have worked with absolute precision to create the recent Calla Lilly and blooming Lilly brooches. Pretty in pink, the designs feature pink sapphires, rubies and diamonds, with conch pearls at their centre — a rare form of pearl found only in the pink conch shells of the Caribbean.

AENEA Collection Brooch Lilly    Price upon request 
AENEA Collection Brooch Conch Pearl   Price upon request

“These intricate designs are inimitable embodiments of our daring creativity — we have crafted brooches that feature blooming mechanisms, while others are decorated with micro-pavé setting that has required unquestionable finesse,” Costan notes.

Complementing these fine floral brooches, AENEA has also created a playful pin for 2017 - the Red Rooster spinel brooch. A celebration of 2017 as the Year of the Rooster, this bejewelled brooch is designed around a polished red spinel gemstone. Captured in palladium and gold, the rooster is decorated with delicate details such as its ruby-red comb and eye.

“We look forward to seeing the brooch become a firm favourite among AENEA’s fans, and anticipate more pretty pins in future collections,” Costan adds. “Keep your eye on our News for more!”


AENEA Collection Brooch Rooster Red Spinel   Price upon request


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