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Hint Hint: How to Get your Ideal Christmas Gift

Hint Hint: How to Get your Ideal Christmas Gift

We love this time of year. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and we feel the first sparkle of Christmas excitement.

It’s also a time when we start to think about gifts — not only for those we love, but for us too. After all, we’ve been very, very good this year.

So when it comes to getting that perfectly-wrapped piece of jewellery under the tree, AENEA has the best tips and tricks, from subtle hints to digital gift lists. Be sure you get what you want with our glittering guide…

Talking Gifts

A casual yet effective way to drop a hint ahead of Christmas? It starts with conversation. Mention that lovely necklace or pair of earrings you have seen or would love to add to your collection. Start hinting several weeks before Christmas, not only to ensure the hint is received, but to leave plenty of time for the gift to be purchased.

Social Sharing

Want to go further? Casually show your loved ones something you have fallen for or are ‘saving up for’ to get your hint across — an Instagram post of jewellery you love or a link shared on social media should inspire them to note it down or better, snap it up!

Hypothetical Hints

Another creative way to hint at what you want this Christmas is to play with hypothetical situations. Imagine the conversation you might have: “If I could choose my perfect piece of jewellery to wear this Christmas, it would probably be Twinkle earrings…” Sharing such hypothetical thoughts out loud will capture the attention of your loved ones without being overtly demanding. 

Write a List

Let’s be honest: boyfriends, best friends and even family can be hard to buy for. And they probably think the same about you, too..! If you want a playful way to share Christmas gift ideas, then exchanging traditional lists using a system such as Giftster can be fun and inspiring. Our tried and tested method: select a few smaller or affordable presents and then put your preferred piece of jewellery at the end of the list. This will leave a lasting impression of what you really want to unwrap this year.

Twinkle on the Tree

Decorating the tree is a special part of every Christmas, surrounded by family, festive music and a cosy fire. There’s also an opportunity to make the tree even more special. Tell your loved ones that you add extra special baubles containing little gifts to each other. The baubles are the perfect size to hold jewellery and cufflinks. Better still, top the tree with a bangle from AENEA’s new Twinkle collection — a dazzling circle of diamond-set stars that will sparkle brighter than any fairy!

Want more Christmas gift inspiration? AENEA’s jewellery experts will be happy to offer advice and gift ideas from our stunning selection of fine jewellery, diamond rings and cufflinks. Email



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