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January Birthstone

January Birthstone

As the new year unfolds inspiring us with its promise of fresh starts, hopes and adventures, January is a wonderfully exciting time of the year, and a positively sparkling time to have a birthday. For all you January babies out there, the gift of a dazzling garnet - the January birthstone - with its tremendous brilliance, will make celebrations shine even more brightly!

Or it can party with you as you toast a second, sixth or nineteenth wedding anniversary. There are some beautiful spiritual meanings attached to the garnet stone, said to symbolise the gift of eternal love; deep and lasting friendships; the promise of return and the eternity of life which flows from generation to generation. This is a gem close to our hearts and supercharged with emotion!

Flow Earrings Limited Edition Platinum   Price upon request

Garnet is iconically beautiful blood red and is known for its strength and enduring beauty.

It has also touched many of the worlds civilisations, cultures and religions in some way: Legend holds that Noah hung a large garnet inside the Ark for illumination, while ancient Egyptians held it as the symbol of life. Imbued with magical protective properties it was carried as a talisman into battle and on journeys by Crusaders and ancient warriors. However red garnet is but one colour and variety of garnet, of which there are six. Together they offer the most varied and breathtakingly beautiful rainbow colour palette to be found anywhere in the gemstone world!

Here at AENEA we pride ourselves on our use of the world’s most special gemstones and our choice of garnet is the rare and unique Spessatite. Described as the best optical phenomenon ever seen in a gemstone, with a one hundred percent, absolute colour change of exceptional colour depth, it has taken the gemstone world by storm! To celebrate the innate beauty of this blue garnet, we’ve added four new limited edition, exquisite jewellery pieces to our Flow collection.

The Flow collection’s design is inspired by the mesmerising allure of nature - frozen water droplets, eternally framed in a delicate lace-like arrangement. These garnets are a beautiful vivid deep blue-green with fantastic brilliance and a lovely adamantine lustre when viewed in daylight, then changing when viewed in incandescent lighting, to an opulent, warm and sumptuous purple colour. A magical play of light with a distinct aura of romance. These Spessartite garnets are untreated - a natural beauty, just like you!


Flow Earrings Limited Edition Gold   Price upon request
Flow Earrings Pink Tourmaline   Price upon request
Flow Earrings Limited Edition Platinum   Price upon request

Cocooned in our winter clothing as we must be, this can conceal much of our jewellery, so this is the season where the statement earring must steal the show. Our stunning Flow earrings can always be seen, so go all out and add some sparkle to gloomy winter days! Be gorgeous by pairing geometric garnets mixed with yellow gold or icy white rhodium with this gorgeous coat from Miu Miu, which masters the art of winter plaid with a hint of rich rose pink, green and purple.


Flow Bangle Limited Edition Platinum   Price upon request
Flow Bangle Limited Edition Gold   Price upon request

We've tapped into the expertise of our artisans to achieve an invisible setting for these garnets in our Flow bangles - they really do appear to be floating. The soft shapes and curves of the yellow gold bangle makes it uncompromisingly feminine, while our platinum Flow bangle with its angular lines and sharp points perfectly complements the asymmetric hem of this elegant Roland Mouret top in eye-catching cerise pink.


However you choose to wear these magical colour changing garnets, it is an opportunity to wear mesmerising jewellery that may hold some personal significance. And because these wonderful stones are borne out of the lower mantle of the earth, they hold some beautiful secrets of their own.


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