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Jewellery for Lovers - Celebrating Valentine’s Day with AENEA

Jewellery for Lovers - Celebrating Valentine’s Day with AENEA

Rose are red,
Violets are blue,
For Valentine’s Day, AENEA’s perfect for you!

With Valentines Day just 2 weeks away, we are counting down to our favourite celebration - Valentine’s Day - with a hand-picked selection of AENEA’s romantic, alluring, handsome and charming jewellery...

If your Valentine is romantic...

... Choose diamonds with a very special message. AENEA’s fluid, flowing Love Letters collection is the perfect way to express how much you care. On first appearance, the undulating design of the Love Letters hoops, rings and bangles is elegant and delicate — but a closer look reveals the flowing word ‘love’, which caresses the body with the sparkle of white diamonds.

If your Valentine is alluring...

... Share your Body & Soul with two very special bracelets. These gold and diamond designs from AENEA’s Jewellery for Lovers collection feature miniature handcuffs encrusted with black and white diamonds, each finished with a tiny diamond-set key. Take a closer look at the chains, and see if you can spot the cheeky design cue that has inspired this design. Can you escape the chains of passion this Valentine’s Day...


If your Valentine is handsome...

... Aim for his heart with AENEA’s Bang Bang! cufflinks. Nancy Sinatra sung that her baby shot her down, but these miniature, detailed revolver cufflinks are a safe choice.


A Valentine’s keepsake for your budding Mr Bond, they are handcrafted in gold, silver and rhodium, with little details make these links an attractive gift that won’t break any hearts.

If your Valentine is charming...

... Give them a token of your love. AENEA’s diamond-set charms are each crafted in yellow or pink gold, or precious platinum, and glitter with the sparkle of more than half a carat of white diamonds. Designed to enchant, these pretty charms are a romantic treat for the jewellery lover in your life and the perfect addition to a charm necklace or bracelet.

Would you like more ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts? Please visit our special Valentines Gift section on or Contact the AENEA Atelier for more information about our most romantic jewellery !

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