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Layering Jewellery - When more is more!

Layering Jewellery - When more is more!

For colourful and stylish women like Iris Apfel and Michelle Obama, layering jewellery has always been part of getting dressed. Stacks of bangles, swathes of pearls, bold earrings - these are women who live by the notion that ’more is more’.

AENEA has been carefully studying just how to layer jewellery so perfectly - with never too much or too little, it’s about creating a story with your jewellery, contrasting shapes and materials, while always ensuring that admirers look twice.

Here are AENEA’s tips to remember when layering your fine jewellery.

Lazo & Bola Bangles 3.600 - 3.800 EUR 

1 Make your selection

Before you begin to layer, take a look at your jewellery box and decide which type of jewellery you want to layer. This is the only time you need to keep things simple, so opt for just one - necklaces or bracelets, brooches or rings.

Once you have chosen, pick out two or three pieces of different sizes and styles, featuring different materials, charms or gemstones. Layering is as much about contrasting and matching your jewellery, so be prepared to experiment…

Quadrifoglio Necklace White Diamonds 39.000 EUR

2 Necklaces and Pendants

“The trend of wearing multiple strands on the neck is back and globally renown fashion brands as Valentino, Etro, Alexander McQueen and Chanel all presented their versions of layering neck adornments,” leading jewellery influencer Katerina Perez tells AENEA.

With your necklaces to hand, start to layer and experiment with different lengths of chains or layering charms onto chains to create interest. Larger pendants will always stand out better on a longer chain, while daintier designs will draw the attention to the collarbone. And don’t be afraid to mix white gold with yellow or rose gold - it’s daring but also eye-catching.

“From chain layers dropping down from chokers to metallic compositions, everything goes - you just need to let your imagination flow,” says Katerina. “It’s time to run through your necklace collection and experiment with the way of styling it.”

Waves Set Emeralds Ring 5.500 EUR,   Bangle 19.000 EUR ; Lazo & Bola Bangles 3.600 - 3.800 EUR 

3 Bangles and Bracelets

Whether chains, friendship bracelets or solid bangles, wrist wear has become ever-more exciting in recent years, with the hashtag #armparty even created to show off layers of bracelets and bangles. Nathalie Colin, the playful creative director of Swarovski, knows a thing or two about layering colourful, jewelled creations and was recently quoted saying: “[Women] are creating their own statement look, by wearing a mix of coloured stones in multiple pieces stacked together.”

On the wrist, AENEA’s Lazo & Bola collection captures this - stackable bangles topped with dazzling coloured gemstones boules. Or why not cheat your way to layered look with the Wave bangles? Set with vibrant emeralds, it captures movement and colour in a single, statement piece.

Finally, don’t worry about mixing chains and bangles. This clash adds interest and creates the impression of a casual, storied jewellery collection on the wrist, even if you have perfectly planned your stack!

Stella Necklace Blue and Grey Pearls with White Diamonds 17.500 EUR

4 Layering Pearls

Coco Chanel - the woman who made layering strings of pearls an art form - famously said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

While remaining somewhat understated was Chanel’s personal style, we also admire Patricia Field’s styling of Carrie Bradshaw, whose pearls were looped in long cascades around her neck - playful and bold, yet still feminine in their sweeping layers.

AENEA new pearl collection Stella features long strands of Tahitian and Akoya pearls, combined with pops of colour from faceted gemstones. We love to layer the longer strings of pearls, or loop them twice to create the impression of two necklaces. Worn with a classic chain collar, the mix of metal with the metallic shimmer of pearls is fresh and fearless, and gives pearls a certain edginess.

Waves Ring Sapphire 4.500 EUR;   Stella Ring Tahiti Pearls with Diamonds  4.200 EUR; Web Ring Sapphire 3.500 EUR

5 Stacking Rings

While engagement rings and wedding bands are often stacked, the trend for wearing multiple rings and mixing metals and gemstones continues to thrive. The rules here are also simple, as TV fashion stylist Luisa Clarke explains: “Wearing multiple rings is reminiscent of armour and how the Greeks wore their jewellery - symbols of who they were, their family and loved ones. If you’re stacking or layering rings, keep them dainty but meaningful, and don’t be afraid to mix your metals.”

Classic signet rings teamed with eternity styles such as AENEA’s Sarpa diamond ring look great stacked together, but limit yourself to three rings on one finger - any more risks taking you from chic to complicated.

Finally, for a quick way to create the layered ring look, why not opt for a multiple band ring, or ring with several layers? AENEA’s Web, Stella and Wave rings are bold and beautiful, and let one ring do the hard work!

Want more advice on how to layer AENEA’s fine jewellery collections? Get in touch with our ATELIER  for design advice, tips and information about our bespoke jewellery service. Email or call us on +43 662 840265



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