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Twinkle - AENEA Jewellery launches Twinkle Collection

Twinkle - AENEA Jewellery launches Twinkle Collection

Salzburg, Austria - 20 October 2016:  Gazing up at the heavens helped inspire the Twinkle Collection, the newest line of earrings and bangles from AENEA, the boutique Austrian jeweler.  These designs, are strong on geometry, yet light and airy and open, for a collection that is truly wearable. 

The collection features four different items, each available in rose gold or in palladium with white diamonds: large earrings; small earrings; large bangle or small bangle.

 “Twinkle’ plays with your eyes. The configuration of the bangle, for example, looks simple, yet it is fresh and interesting because it has a complexity that reveals itself over time as you wear and look at it more. We put a lot of knowledge into this design. Creating something that is simple yet beautiful is a challenge, but this is what we love to do,”Costan Eghiazarian, founder and creative director of AENEA Jewellery, said. 

“The look is wearable, and it’s also built to be wearable because we craft it from palladium.  This precious metal is closely related to platinum, with a similar lustre and quality, but at just one-third the weight. The cost is friendlier too. It really is fantastic.” Mr. Eghiazarian said.

Like other AENEA collections, the Twinkle bangles and earrings evoke a rich European heritage rooted in the decorative arts of the 19th and early 20th centuries, yet re-envisioned from a contemporary perspective. Prices range from 2.600 – 9.800 Euros, and the collection is available now, in time for holiday gifting.

“Wearable elegance is what AENEA is about, and the Twinkle Collection is a good example. You can put this jewellery on for a fancy evening event, yet it gives a smart edge to casual wear like jeans. Craftsmanship is the other important aspect.  This design has many angles, and each corner is hand-engraved,” Mr. Eghiazarian said.

AENEA Jewellery has attracted an international following for its high quality and captivating designs. Named for the Greek verb ‘to praise’, AENEA is devoted to the celebration of life and love through the lasting pleasures of great jewellery.

AENEA is backed by veteran makers of high-end jewellery, with one of the world’s premier workshops and a large gemstone sourcing operation. These capabilities let AENEA provide jewellery of exceptionally high quality for investment, gifting and enjoyment. 

AENEA is available through its online store and its Travelling Atelier events in major cities around the world.  Its main shop in Austria is AENEA Atelier at Goldsmiths House, Salzburg, which occupies an edifice built in the early 1400s that long served as a jeweller's workshop. In addition, AENEA is available in London at Wolf & Badger’s Mayfair shop, in Vienna at Tiberius and online via of the U.K.

The AENEA Atelier at Goldsmiths House, Salzburg is located at 15 Goldgasse Street, open Monday through Friday, 10.30 am-5 pm and Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm.  


CONTACT: Birgit Tomka
Tel.: +43 650 2437735


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