Earrings Diamonds & Rosequarz
Earrings Diamonds & Rosequarz
Earrings Diamonds & Rosequarz
Facette Collection

Earrings Diamonds & Rosequarz

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White (F-G/VVS) diamonds (2,27ct) and Rosequarz handcrafted in Palladium(950).

A stone is first a thing 
expressionless and wild. 
Patiently, the gem cutter studies  
how best to tame it. 

Finding the right degree, 
he charms out 
its brightest geometry,​ 
its twinkling smile. ​ 

The beauty of black rhodium jewellery is attained only after it has been worn. The design's upper surfaces acquire an appealing natural patina, as normal wear allows some of the underlying silver to peak through, usually after several months or one year.