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Waves Earrings 18k Gold Diamonds Blue Titanium

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The blue anodised titanium sparkles in a beautiful blue, the hues go from super crisp to alluring dark and are fantastic in combination with the yellow gold and the sparkles of the finest quality white diamonds.

The earrings are sooooo super light, that you can wear them day and night and you will not notice them till you are already nearly touching your pillow at night.

The Earrings out of the AENEA Waves Collection are the prefect companion for any event. For the Businesswoman in the ZOOM Meeting, to the Mother picking up her kids from school, the lady at the Opera or just a drink with friends at the bar next door, you can even go line-dancing with them.

Inspired by the wavy forms of the sand dunes in Lecois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, this earrings are a mixture of traditional Austrian craftsmanship and state of the art technology.

The top part is handcrafted out of 18k yellow gold with microscope set E-F/VVS white diamonds, combined with super light and extremely durable, antiallergic and technologically advanced, titanium. It is the metal of choice for the lower part.

Stones: White Diamonds E-F/VVS 0.80ct. (58pcs.)

Metal: 18 Karat Yellow Gold; Blue anodized Titanium

Size does matter and is should never weigh too much for he comfort of your ear.