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AENEA launches "Tribute to Bahrain" Collection at Jewellery Arabia

AENEA launches "Tribute to Bahrain" Collection at Jewellery Arabia

AENEA proudly presents the latest collection "Tribute to Bahrain" in collaboration with the designer Dalal Ahmed and Mattar Jewellers to bring a vision to life. 

Inherently enamored by the divine beauty and mysticism of the pearl, Dalal dedicated her first, one of a kind collection, to honor what is essentially one of the most fascinating, and significant facets of the culture and heritage of The Arabian Gulf. The journey of the creation of the collection was inspired in Bahrain while she was documenting the history of the pearling path in the city of Muharraq- which was once known as the Arabian Gulf’s Pearling Capital. Muharraq retains most of its architectural spirit despite of the modern construction that surrounds it. The narrow picturesque alleyways remain surrounded by the atmosphere of the past pearling era that is preserved in its decorative homes, and buildings which were built of coral stone.

Each have a deep connection to the Arabian Gulf’s and Bahrain’s pearl legacy. Beginning with design elements, to magnificent pearls, to gold and precious gemstones; their details and symbolisms reflect the revival of the original pearling cultures.

With Mattar Jeweler’s crème de la crème pearls, and Aenea Jewellery’s immaculate high jewellery craftsmanship, 3 outstanding jewels were chosen to debut in Jewellery Arabia Bahrain 2018; where a true comradery in the jewellery industry brings remarkable beauty, and legacy to be celebrated, and shared with the world.

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