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November Birthstone - Terrific Topaz

November Birthstone - Terrific Topaz

Derived from the Sanskrit meaning of fire, Topaz, with its electric array of hues, can certainly turn the heat up on any outfit when worn in jewellery. It’s also the birthstone for November and has a rich and varied history with many folkloric beliefs and legends to its name.

The Romans believed it had power to improve eyesight, while the Greeks believed it could make you invisible. The Egyptians wore it as an amulet to protect them from injury, and during the Renaissance in Europe, people believed that topaz could break spells from witchcraft, and quell anger. Further to the east, Hindus deemed topaz sacred, believing that a pendant could bring wisdom and longevity to one’s life, and more recently in 1969, blue topaz became an official gemstone of Texas.

As you can see, topaz has made its mark within cultures for centuries and we continue to weave this legendary gemstone into our own stories here at AENEA today.


Sarpa Ring Blue Topaz Palladium   EUR 2,200.00 
Sarpa Earrings Blue Topaz   EUR 2,900.00
Maggie & Rudi Ring Blue Topaz   EUR 1,900.00


While topaz is renowned for its rich spectrum of colours, we seem to be drawn to brilliant blue, incorporating a myriad of tones into several of our collections.

Inspired by the traditional meanings of the serpent, our Sarpa collection evokes a strong narrative. Believed by some to be an emblem of safety or a guardian figure, the serpent can also represent evil, temptation and desire. Whichever way, our Sarpa collection will certainly lend some serious drama to your look. Take the Sarpa ring which features a 16.76ct blue topaz mounted in the biting grasp of two palladium snakes, with diamonds for eyes and pair it with the Sarpa earrings, which comprise four snakes entwined in the shape of hoops, offset by two electric blue topaz of 17.5 carats. Meanwhile, the Vive Maggie & Rudi ring features a wow-factor 15.8ct blue topaz set between a sculptural ring shank of two dancing figures. We’ve tapped into this season’s colour blocking trend by styling these topaz pieces with Alice & Olivia’s striking and supremely elegant cobalt blue chiffon maxi dress.


Flow Earrings Aquamarines and Blue Topaz   Price upon request
Flow Ring Aquamarine and Blue Topaz   Price upon request
Flow Bangle Aquamarine and Blue Topaz   Price upon request


With its opulent yet delicate design, our Flow collection depicts bejeweled gemstone dewdrops that float like lace in geometric mounts. You’ll find your ultimate winter jewel in the Flow Bangle, which packs a real punch in the style stakes, comprising 5.82cts of topaz between shimmering aquamarine and scintillating sapphire. Earn some serious style points with the Flow earrings, with their superior length, sparkle and all out pizzazz, they’re the it piece for the season. The Flow ring’s eye-catching style and gamut of icy blue hues will carry you seamlessly into winter.

Tell your own story with topaz this November and explore AENEA’s pieces here.

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