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AENEA's Top 10 Tips for a Weekend in Salzburg

AENEA's Top 10 Tips for a Weekend in Salzburg

Sitting majestically on Austria’s border with Germany, Salzburg is one of Europe’s most historical cities. It’s the birthplace of Mozart, the home of beautiful craftsmanship, sleek hotels, modern art galleries and traditional restaurants.

And not forgetting jewellery — for Salzburg is also home to the AENEA Atelier on the city's famed Goldgasse.

With a weekend escape the perfect way to explore the city, AENEA’s founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian, business partner Birgit Tomka, and international manager Lidwine "Winzi" Clary und Aldringen share their top 10 tips for the perfect 48-hours in the city.

The Hottest Hotel: Hotel Goldgasse
This beautiful, newly-renovated hotel and restaurant sits in the heart of Salzburg offering delicious Austrian cuisine. It’s also just a stone’s throw from AENEA’s Atelier. Upstairs, Hotel Goldgasse’s unique rooms are decorated with vibrant scenes from Austria’s famous operas. “It’s one of our favourite places to stop for a drink and meet visitors to the city,” says Birgit.

Beautifully Crafted Homewares: Stillsegler
The Stillsegler brand is renowned for its high-quality homeware and fashion accessories, each crafted with careful attention to detail. Vibrant coloured glassware is complemented by minimally designed teapots and chic leather goods. “Stillsegler works with craftspersons across Europe, ensuring individual designer’s works are showcased in a beautiful, globally-renowned setting,” Winzi explains. Its collection can be seen at its store on Salzburg’s Herbert-v-Karajan-Platz.


Vibrant Austrian Fashion: Andrea Eberle
This Salzburg-based fashion label takes its design cues from traditional Austrian fashion. Think bold skirts that flare out above the knee, knitted cardigans and fitted jackets, all presented in a playful range of textures and vibrant colours.

Storytelling and History: Freilicht Museum
The Salzburg Open-Air Museum features 100 authentic and original historical Austrian buildings rebuilt on the museum grounds, telling historic tales of farming, trades, rural crafts and manufacturing. Perfect for visiting with children, the museum showcases the crafts of blacksmiths, has a traditional grocers shop, farmhouses and colourful gardens. “Visitors can spend the afternoon strolling through the rural history of Salzburg, taking in stories from over the past six centuries,” says Winzi.

Wild Eating and Drinking: Latschenwirt
One of the city’s newest and most stylish restaurants, Latschenwirt is the perfect complement to the Freilicht Museum, taking inspiration from the wilds of Austria’s forests and mountains for its haute cuisine. With hunting and foraging at its heart, this restaurant captures the Austrian spirit and the myths and legends that drift from its mountains.

Fast Forward: Museum der Moderne
Salzburg might brim with history, but it’s also home Museum der Modern, a daring contemporary art museum featuring paintings, sculpture and graphic design. This season, the museum is paying attention to topical issues such as social spaces, American history and the role of the media in modern society. “The Museum der Moderne is the perfect venue for art fans that like to challenge themselves to think bigger,” says Costan.

A Local Affair: Triangel Restaurant

Focused on sourcing regional, organic and high-quality produce, Triangel will immerse you in traditional Austrian cuisine during your weekend in Salzburg. Its cosy surrounds emulate the warmth of a classic Austrian inn, with wooden benches, chalkboards and local wines. “Triangel is a restaurant founded on quality and a fair approach to sourcing food, wine and supporting its staff,” says Birgit. “You cannot visit Salzburg without eating at Trangel.”


Pick a Modern Masterpiece: Galerie Salis
Founded by Thomas von Salis, this gallery hosts European works of classical modern art from the 20th century. Opened more than 30 years ago in Salzburg, its collections continually rotate. “Featured artists have included Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Balthasar Lobo, Otto Dix and Gerhard Richter,” Costan explains. If you’re planning to visit in the summer, Galerie Salis will host three weeks of events during Art Salzburg in August.


Adventuring Outdoors: Dschulnigg

With clothing, homewares, children's wear and hunting equipment, Dschulnigg is an institution in Salzburg - a place where visitors can understand the ties between family life, hunting and the great Austrian outdoors. Established for more than 50 years, this
 traditional business has earned an excellent reputation both home and overseas. “Dschulnigg welcomes visitors from around the world,” says Birgit. “You can’t miss a visit, not least to experience its outstanding customer service.”

Say Hello to Fountains and Gardens: Hellbrunn Palace
Hellbrunn Palace is an early Baroque villa of palatial size close to Salzburg, known for its fountains, grottos and beautiful gardens. The Schloss - or palace - is also known as a ‘pleasure palace’. Put simply, it’s a place for celebration and recuperation. “Little has changed at Hellbrunn in over 400 years,” says Costan. “It’s ideal for relaxation and breathing deeply, for a stroll and to be surprised along the way. And the best part? It’s only a 20-minute cycle ride from the old city centre of Salzburg.”

And finally, don’t forget to stop by the AENEA Atelier at Goldgasse 15, where we can introduce you to the goldsmithing traditions of the city, and Costan’s contemporary designs. Book at appointment via

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