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AENEA's Travelling Atelier Meets Fashion in Munich

AENEA's Travelling Atelier Meets Fashion in Munich

AENEA’s travelling atelier continues its European tour this week, landing in the city of Munich for a vibrant showroom event with two of our favourite fashion labels - Pinky Laing and FederRock.

Creating traditional garments with a modern twist, these two labels are the perfect complement to AENEA’s own approach to jewellery: vibrant gemstones, playful themes and detailed designs, anchored to a tradition of fine craftsmanship.

For just two days, our three collections will meet for an exclusive showcase at FederRock’s elegant showroom on Munich’s Rumfordstrasse. To celebrate, we’ve handpicked our favourite jewels to match Pinky Laing’s festival-cool military jackets and Feder Rock’s fashionable leather and suede designs. What better a way to dress up and discover Munich’s most treasured and historical locations?


The decorative details of picked out in sky blues and cobalt.
The Maggie & Rudi Topaz ring is a fitting design.

Nymphenburg Palace
Built in the 1660s, this striking palace takes inspiration from French and Italian architecture, surrounded by exquisitely landscaped gardens. Inside, the palace shimmers with luxurious rooms, punctuated by gold details and a neoclassical decorative style. We adore the Amalienburg, the palace’s hunting lodge that houses something truly stunning — a hall of mirrors. With its vast glass chandelier and intricate décor, where better to admire our Munich-inspired look of vibrant blue gemstones, velvet and suede accessories?

Capture the golden glow of the Angel of Peace with AENEA’s Enchant charms
and the Maggie & Rudi! citrine ring

The Angel of Peace
Located in the east of Munich’s Maximilian Park, the Angel of Peace was first unveiled in 1896 to commemorate 25 years of peace between France and Germany. Collaboratively crafted by architects Heinrich Düll, Georg Pezold and Max Heilmaier, the angel is an image of the Greek Goddess Nike, and stands six metres tall atop a 38 metre column. Casting a beautiful golden glow over those who admire her, the Angel of Peace is most stunning at dusk when the fountains below are illuminated. In tribute to her rich golden hue, wear AENEA’s Enchant charms, embellished with twinkling diamonds.


AENEA’s Sarpa green amethyst hoops and Jewellery for Lovers Labyrinth ring capture the magic of the English Garden.

English Garden

Situated in the heart of Munich, the expansive English Garden is the perfect place to take a stroll, sit among the trees and flowers, and watch the city’s people at play. One of Europe's largest urban public parks, the English Garden is bigger than New York's Central Park. Its name denotes its informal style, with vast lawns, clusters of trees and meandering paths. For us, no visit is complete without an outfit of rich green hues and jewels that pay tribute to its verdant plants, and the pathways, waterfalls and streams that weave through the garden. Peeking out from the trees is one of our favourite spots - Monopteros - a Greek style temple with a copper-covered dome, from which the park can be admired.

To attend the showroom in Munich please RSVP to


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