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The Story Behind… The Sarpa Collection

The Story Behind… The Sarpa Collection

One of AENEA’s flagship collections, Sarpa is a daring homage to mysticism of the serpent, captured in beautiful gold, platinum and rich gemstones.

As we unveil several new additions to this adored jewellery line, AENEA founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian tells us the story behind Sarpa, and why the snake has become our treasured emblem.


Sarpa Earrings Green Tourmalines  6,200 EUR
Sarpa Ring Green Tourmaline  3,500 EUR 

The Sarpa collection has intrinsic serpentine details - how long have you been fascinated by these creatures and why?

Costan Eghiazarian: Snakes have always fascinated me, as they are haptically amazing — by this, I mean they are amazing to touch. They have the most elegant movements and are totally silent when they hunt. What’s even more interesting, even though we believe that we can control everything as humans, snakes can be extremely dangerous to mankind, which really highlights their power.

Sarpa Ring Multicolour  8,900 EUR

Why is the snake motif so important to the AENEA brand?

Costan Eghiazarian: It has so many interpretations. On the one hand, snakes have an elegance about them, yet they’re also the creature that, in the Bible, convinced Adam to pluck the apple from the tree, which got him kicked out of paradise. So the snake is the symbol of elegance and temptation, but in some culture it’s a guardian figure. That is why we adore it and have made it part of the AENEA logo. Jewellery is pure temptation but it is also a way of guarding you — an armour — that makes you feel confident.


Sarpa Pendant Diamonds  2,400 EUR
 Sarpa Earrings White Diamonds

Tell us about the first piece of jewellery you created with the snake motif?

Costan Eghiazarian: It was a pair of cufflinks, created at the very start of AENEA’s story. I always design my own cufflinks, so I took the snakes of the logo, added a knot et voilà... Cufflinks!

Sarpa is a hero collection for AENEA - why do you think it holds such vast appeal to your clients?

Costan Eghiazarian: The snakes are amazing. Whichever piece we are creating, the form, colours and proportions are always different. So we could go on with the snake motif for ages and the jewellery will never be the same. I love that.


Sarpa Earrings Spinel and Diamonds  

Describe the exciting new additions to the Sarpa collection for SS17…

Costan Eghiazarian: As the first designs in the Sarpa collection were influenced by the notion of ‘form and function’, the most recent (as launched earlier in the spring) were more focused on colour and proportion. So, for summer, we have amazing new colour combinations. It is a real extension of the line that has made our fantastic pieces even more dazzling. See, for example, the beautiful Multicolour Sarpa ring or the new Sarpa ring set with Chrysoberyl.

They really are beautiful! So tell us, what might we expect next from the Sarpa range? 

Costan Eghiazarian: More colours and more statement designs, of course!


Sarpa Ring Spinel and Sapphires 5,800 EUR 
Sarpa Ring Marquise Pink Sapphire  6,800 EUR

Some traditions revere the serpent as a guardian figure, an emblem of safety. Others see it as evil, a symbol of temptation. Take refuge in desire,  and you can have it both ways.’

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