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July Birthstone: Celebrating the Richness of Ruby

July Birthstone: Celebrating the Richness of Ruby


Love Letters Ring Star Ruby  Price available upon request 

Often labelled the King of Gems, ruby is a gemstone rich in meaning. Its striking colour evokes ancient empires, the intensity of love, and the depths of passion. It is also the birthstone for July - a bright, warm stone perfect for summer months.

And while it’s renowned for being scarlet red, it can occur in hues of dark pink and — most prized of all — bold ‘pigeon’s blood’ red.

Candy Ring 'Pigeon blood' Ruby  Price available upon request

Historically, women wore ruby jewellery to enhance their aura, while ancient warriors treasured the stones as talismans of power and protection. In Hollywood’s homage, Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz protected her from the evil Wicked Witch of the West.

Here at AENEA, we are fascinated by rubies. Featuring them throughout our fine jewellery collections, ruby can be bold and daring, as captured in the 64.75ct Medusa drop earrings, or elegant and chic, like the 4.03ct untreated pigeon’s blood ruby Candy ring.

 Earrings Medusa Ruby  8,800.00 EUR

“Ruby is passionate, elegant, daring and sexy — it’s a stone of many personalities,” says AENEA founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian. “Among our fine jewellery designs, we even have a rare star ruby ring. The ring’s berry-sized cabochon ruby shimmers with a central asterism — the star-shaped pattern that makes these gemstones unique.”


Flow Bangle Multicolour Gemstones  Price available upon request

And while ruby is the birthstone for July, it is also symbolic of 40th wedding anniversaries. For couples celebrating this special milestone, ruby jewellery makes the ultimate romantic statement. AENEA’s Flow bangle is invisibly set with princess cut rubies and myriad coloured gemstones, surrounded by an outline of glittering white diamonds. “The Flow bangle shows how ruby can be the perfect romantic partner to a palette of bright gems,” Costan says. “It’s stone that evokes great emotion, but most importantly celebrate the power of love.”

To find out more about ruby or to discuss a bespoke ruby design, contact AENEA:

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