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August Birthstone: In Praise of Peridot

August Birthstone: In Praise of Peridot

With its vibrant green hue, peridot is a stone that commands serious attention when worn.

And it’s no surprise — the gem is typically found in igneous rock deposits that have been blasted out of earth by volcanoes, perfectly capturing its bold, daring nature.

In jewellery, peridot - pronounced with a silent letter T - is the birthstone for August, a befitting time of year when warmer days still pass by, and rich green plants remain in bloom. This bright gemstone can be found in the US, Myanmar, China and Sri Lanka, and has been used in jewellery as far back as 1500 BC, when the ancient Egyptians set it into their decorative body adornments. In fact, the Egyptians described peridot as ‘the gem of the sun’ — perfectly capturing its warm energy.

Flow Bangle Multicolour € 1500.00

Peridot is the perfect hue for dressing up. Velvet dress by Galvan and fringed dress by Marchesa, alongside AENEA’s Flow Bangle set with princess-cut peridot gems.

Like all birthstones, peridot has many myths and folklores surrounding it. The Romans referred to it as ‘evening emerald’ because, under candlelight, peridot still shimmered while emeralds dulled. The gem is also said to ward off evil spirits, while aiding the success of marriage and other relationships as its positive connotations help to reduce jealousy.

While peridot is solely a green gemstone, it can appear in many hues, from bright lime and deep olive green to a warmer, yellowish green. Here at AENEA we have featured peridot across a number of designs, but presently celebrate its wondrous natural hues in our daring Multicolour Flow Bangle and Vive Maggie & Rudi Ring Peridot.

Maggie & Rudi Ring Peridot € 3,900.00

Peridot-hued accessories including a Gucci velvet headband, Simon Miller bag and Le Monde Beryl slipper shoes — the perfect items to match AENEA’s Maggie & Rudi Ring Peridot.

In celebration of this gem, we have put together two ways to wear peridot. Firstly, dressed up with fine gowns and shimmering fabrics, or as a bold accessory for the day — complemented by other elegant peridot-hued accessories from some of our favourite designers.

“Peridot is almost tropical in its vibrancy,” says Costan Eghiazarian, founder and creative director at AENEA. “Some adore it, while others are a little timid about wearing such a bold green; but as legend suggests this is a stone with great energy that will lift any design it is set into — turning heads every time it’s worn.”

For more information about peridot gemstones or to discuss a bespoke piece of peridot jewellery, contact the AENEA Atelier on



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