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October Birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

October Birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

Formed in a rainbow of hues, tourmaline is a wonderfully versatile gemstone and just so happens to be one of the birthstones for October. At AENEA we’re always tempted by tourmalines and we’ve adapted them into many of our collections from Candy and Flow to Sarpa and Maggie & Rudi.

The first recorded discovery was a green tourmaline named ‘Brazilian Emerald’ discovered in Brazil in 1554. Since then these juicy gems have been found in all corners of the globe, including USA, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Africa and many more.

Colour is always the most important factor we consider when choosing a tourmaline here at AENEA and it’s gamut of intense hues and tones have been used to lend drama and add wow-factor to many of our pieces.

Candy Ring Red Tourmaline Pearshape   3,000.00 EUR
Candy Ring Pink Tourmaline Triangle   2,900.00 EUR
Candy Ring Yellow Tourmaline Oval   2,700.00 EUR


Perfect for the upcoming colder months, colours of autumn are encapsulated in our collection of Candy birthstone rings. For a high-impact look, stack and style a rich palette of autumnal orange, deep red and warming yellow tourmalines, set in palladium mounts, accented by sparkling white pavé diamonds.

Sarpa Earrings Red & Blue Tourmaline   Price upon request


Primary colours are currently sweeping the catwalks of New York so be on trend and make a statement with our Sarpa earrings; comprising 18.50ct of vivid blue tourmalines, and a rose gold diamond encrusted snake wrapped around 3.19ct of red tourmalines. And while we make our way around the spectrum, a myriad of scintillating white diamonds float like lace around a massive 10.65ct pink tourmaline in our Flow Ring, which is delicate yet opulent in design. Likewise, a delicious 3.36ct marquise pink tourmaline adds a punk edge to an otherwise classic Candy cocktail ring. Don’t be fooled, pink may be sweet by nature but it really packs a punch!


Candy Ring Pink Tourmaline   3,500.00 EUR
Flow Ring Tourmaline   Price upon request

Like many birthstones and gemstones, tourmaline holds a significant meaning. Thought to inspire creativity, it has been used as a talisman by many writers and artists throughout history, which was a notion close to our heart when we designed the Maggie & Rudi art jewellery collection.

Inspired by the impassioned story of Rudolph Nureyev and Dame Margot Fonteyn, two dancing figures, ‘with one body, one soul’, join together to form the shank of the Vive ring supporting a 22.95ct radiant pink tourmaline. Tourmaline is also the gemstone which is used to celebrate 8th anniversaries, so if not the perfect piece for an October birthday, for an 8th anniversary, this ring certainly is!

Maggie & Rudi Ring Pink Tourmaline   Price upon request.  

Another birthstone for October is opal, with its otherworldly, kaleidoscopic colours it’s one of our favourite gemstones, as no two opals are the same. Made up of millions of tiny spheres, these refract light and create the stunning spectrum of colours your see in opal.


Lazo & Bola Earrings Pink Opal   1,650.00 EUR
 Lazo & Bola Bangle Pink Opal   2,400.00 EUR
Lazo & Bola Ring Pink Opal   1,400.00 EUR

Delicate pink opals and the glint of a tiny diamond offset cool-toned architectural palladium in our oh-so chic Lazo and Bola collection made up of opal earrings, a ring and a bangle. The ultimate accessory for everyday wear, pair yours with a dusty pink jacket and faux snake skin clutch. Opals have been considered to be both the luckiest and unluckiest gemstone in the world but whichever side you’re on, we always feel lucky to wear an opal at AENEA!

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