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September Birthstone: Discover Stunning Sapphire

September Birthstone: Discover Stunning Sapphire

Traditionally, sapphire symbolises nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It’s a hardwearing stone that is popular for engagement rings - such as that of Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge - and for colourful fine jewellery.

Here at AENEA, we adore sapphire — and it just so happens to be the birthstone for September. As we enter the month where summer shifts to autumn, we’re celebrating this treasured gemstone’s rainbow palette of hues, from classic blues to exotic sunset shades.

Candy Pendant Burma Sapphire Nugget   Price upon request
Love Letters Ring Star Sapphire   Price upon request

Brilliant Blue

Sapphire is synonymous with shades of blue, and as far back as the Ancient Greeks it has been regaled for its deep inky tones, lighter cornflower shades and alluring azures. Capturing the brilliance of its blue variations, sapphire is celebrated in the new Burma Sapphire Nugget pendant, part of AENEA’s Candy collection. This striking 37.72ct cabochon sapphire is set in precious platinum and surrounded by a halo of sparkling white diamonds. This smooth, pebble-like gem draws admirers with its sea-blue hue and interesting inclusions that make it all the more unique.

A cabochon star sapphire tops a sweeping 18ct gold ring in AENEA’s Love Letters collection — a stone that is opaque in appearance but boasts a shimmering ‘asterism’ at its centre, a natural occurrence in which a star appears to radiate across the gem. AENEA’s Sarpa collection reveals sapphire’s more unusual blue shades, with perfectly-match pale blue sapphires weaving across the ring towards a cushion-cut 5.70ct centre stone.

Sarpa Ring Marquise Cut Pink Sapphire   Price upon request
Sarpa Ring Chrysoberyl and Pink Sapphire   Price upon request 

Playful Pinks

“Pink sapphires are underrated — they have such versatility,” says AENEA founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian. “They have been long considered pretty and sugar-sweet, but in fact they look fantastic clashed with bright green or even orange tones.”

Costan, always keen to explore new ways to present gemstones, has used pink sapphire in the recent Calla Lilly brooch, alongside vibrant emeralds, and one of AENEA’s newest sapphire designs — the Sarpa pink sapphire marquise ring. Not to be upstaged, the chrysoberyl ring demonstrates Costan’s approach to pairing pinks in ever-more creative reveals some of the creative potential of sapphire gemstones in use.

Candy Earrings Pink Spinel and Kunzite   price upon request
Candy Pendant Sapphire & Beryll   price upon request

Exotic Hues

Rare and coveted, the more exotic hues of sapphire echo the tropics with zesty orange and sunset coral tones. In the Candy collection - AENEA’s celebration of sweetie-like gems — the one-of-a-king padparadscha sapphire and mint beryl pendant evokes far-away beaches with its warm pink tones teamed with sea greens. “I adore this piece — the vibrancy of the gems teamed with unusual cuts makes it a much admired design,” Costan notes. “Padparascha means ‘lotus flower’ in Sinhalese, the language spoken in Sri Lanka where it is found. In total, the gemstone weight over 14cts, set into warm 18ct rose gold with cool silver details.”

Peppered with pink sapphires surrounding purple-pink kunzite gems, the Candy pear-shaped drop earrings show off how sapphire can add a bold contrast in a cocktail of colours.

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