Press Release: AENEA Jewellery launches ALARIA Collection

Press Release: AENEA Jewellery launches ALARIA Collection

Salzburg, Austria - 3rd July 2017:

AENEA Jewellery launches eco-chic collection by guest designer Jeanine Hsu of niin

In an East-West debut reveling in ecological inspiration and ethically sourced materials, the jewellery house AENEA previewed its Alaria Collection, by guest designer Jeanine Hsu, at a private event in Hong Kong end of June. It will be followed by official launches in Salzburg in early August and in Hong Kong in early September.

This is one of AENEA’s most sensual and alluring collections ever, imbued with the colours and forms of aquatic life. Handcrafted at AENEA’s utmost level of quality, and featuring conflict- free stones, the collection channels Ms. Hsu’s enlightened vision as founder and creative director of Hong Kong’s esteemed ethical jewellery brand niin.

The seductive design of the Alaria Collection borrows the languid, ever-branching configuration of aquatic foliage, softly bathing the wearer’s body in Neptunian imagery of the ocean’s depths. Set in white gold, and featuring rainbow moonstones, white diamonds, aquamarines and pearls, the collection’s 9 pieces include necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and cufflinks, some with adjustable configurations.

One highlight is a stunning collier necklace strung of rare rainbow moonstones, which glow with opalescent hues. This highly collectible piece features a detachable pendant. Prices in the Alaria Collection range from 3.400 to 27.800 Euros, or 29.700to 242.700 Hong Kong dollars. Niin & AENEA will donate 5% of sales to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation.

"The natural world has inspired many of AENEA’s most delightful collections, and Alaria illustrates this in a soft and dreamy way. Jeanine Hsu’s design ethos centers on sustainable practices and ecological awareness, so we are all the more pleased to collaborate with her”, Costan Eghiazarian, founder and creative director of AENEA Jewellery, said.

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with AENEA Jewellery and Costan. Their workshop’s craftsmanship and ability to source high quality, unique stones make the pieces speak for themselves. It has been fun working with high-end materials and creating the collection’s large statement pieces. I feel that this is the beginning of a great cross-cultural adventure”, Ms. Hsu said.

Launched in 2009 and represented in over 13 countries, Hong Kong-based niin handcrafts nature's treasures to create original jewellery and accessories, with ethical practices at its core. Ms. Hsu has built niin around her passion for unique design and raw creativity whileemphasizing jewellery that is both chic and wearable. She was recently nominated for the Eco-Warrior Award for 2017 in Hong Kong’s Women of Hope Awards.

AENEA is a new, contemporary Austrian jeweller known for captivating designs and investment-grade quality, with an Atelier in the medieval heritage town of Salzburg and appearances around the world hosted by its Travelling Atelier. Named for the Greek verb ‘to praise’, AENEA is devoted to the celebration of life and love through the lasting pleasures of great jewellery.

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