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The 10 best fine jewellery Instagram feeds to follow!

The 10 best fine jewellery Instagram feeds to follow!

Instagram is the go-to place to discover jewellery in 2018, having once been scarce of fine jewellery and instead loaded with selfies and the best breakfast shots, brands and designers alike are now taking to the platform to showcase an array of their most stunning styles. Dazzle yourself with diamonds and bling up your feed by following our top picks of the best fine jewellery Instagram feeds!

1) Dedicated to telling the stories of each piece of jewellery, Tatyana Pfaifer’s Instagram account named Jewellery Masterpiece showcases high jewellery creations though a series of elegantly shot short videos. See the pieces sparkle from every angle and discover the tales and inspirations behind each unique gem by following her here:

See more videos here:

2) Explore fine jewellery though the eyes of British Vogue's Jewellery Editor, Carol Woolton. Her Instagram feed features snippets of her fine jewellery discoveries as well as snapshots of the designers behind the masterpieces, famous models and Vogue cover stars.

Follow her here:

 Photo credits, left to right: Carol Woolton, Jewellery_masterpiece

3) ‘The Jewellery Vision', Donna Jewel's digital diary showcases exquisite fine jewellery and precious objects channelling the most cutting edge designs from around the world. The pieces are more than everyday jewellery, they’re mini sculptures and bejeweled works of art.

Be inspired and check out the Instagram feed here:

4) Get behind the scenes info about the latest fine jewellery pieces from journalist, Rachel Garrahan's Instagram feed. A contributor to top titles such as The New York Times, Financial Times and Robb Report, Rachel is the woman-in-the-know when it comes to fine jewellery. Follow her for a first look at new collections, hero pieces and gigantic gems that she  her sparkling press appointments.

Follow her here:

Photo credits, left to right: donna.jewel, rgarrahan

5) Jump on board for Danielle Miele’s - founder of Gem Gossip - jewellery adventures! Creator of the famous #showmeyourrings and #JewelryRoadTrip hashtags, her Instagram feed documents her travels around America visiting various fine jewellery houses, boutiques and galleries; featuring everything to do with fine jewellery from antique pieces, to wow factor diamonds and, of course, an enviable ensemble of rings!

Join the conversation here:

Check out the blog:

6) What better way to discover the world’s rarest jewellery than through renowned auction house, Christie’s Instagram feed? Delve into a world of breathtaking jewels and record breaking gemstones and learn the intriguing histories of each piece. This awe-inspiring feed brings priceless antiques and traditional auctioning into the modern digital sphere.

Follow the auction house here:

 Photo credits, left to right: christiesjewels, gemgossip

7) JFW Magazine’s artfully curated Instagram will bring a touch of high-fashion editorial to your feed. It’s a mix of super slick fashion shoots featuring dazzling jewels by the greats such as Graff, Tiffany and Bulgari, alongside still life shoots which are uploaded in groups of three images, capturing the beauty of high jewellery pieces through unique narratives.

Follow it here: 

Read the magazine here:

8) Featured in our round up of the ’10 jewellery writers you need to know’, back in 2016, Maria Doulton’s online magazine, The Jewellery Editor, is the go-to place for everything fine jewellery. Its Instagram account is just as good, showcasing the latest creations from top jewellery talent, including us here at AENEA, alongside astounding antiques and key trend pieces. You can shop their Instagram too so why not indulge in a spot of retail therapy?

Be in the know here:

Read the magazine here:

Photo credits, left to right: thejewelleryed, jfwmag

9) The Diamonds Girl, Tracey Ellison’s fine jewellery Instagram feed always makes us swoon. Her travel diary brings you the world’s most extraordinary jewels, from statement necklaces, chandelier earrings and knuckle duster sized rings, each depicted through her stunning photography and mini videos. Her captions always contain interesting information and facts about the pieces so it’s a treat for the eyes and the mind.

Be amazed by following her here:

10) If diamonds are your thing, then Bebe Bakhshi’s aptly named Champagne Gem Instagram account is not to be missed! Bringing you daily doses of delicious gems and gigantic diamonds, Bebe captures them in the best light through a series of short videos.

Be dazzled here:

Follow the blog here:

Photo credits, left to right: thediamondsgirl, champagnegem

 And lastly, AENEA’s fine jewellery Instagram feed is not to be missed, so check us out here:


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